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Call to schedule a consultation with our specialists. All consultations are completely confidential.

Visit one of our clinics for a comprehensive evaluation of your condition with one of our doctors. Each patient is unique and your doctor will develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs.



There is no wait to begin treatment. You can begin treatment on the day of your consultation after the treatment plan has been developed.

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We do not just treat symptoms, we identify the causes of health issues and correct them. As a premier destination for regenerative and functional medicine, Premier Vitality offers health solutions that correct the underlying cause of disease.


Premier Vitality is results driven, patient-centered, health-oriented, and specializes in treating conditions that are often not effectively or safely addressed by conventional medical approaches.



We use state-of-the-art, scientifically, and clinically proven therapies to help you attain excellence in your health so that you can live your life to the fullest and achieve your maximum potential.


We pride ourselves on best in the industry wellness outcomes and truly groundbreaking treatments that are setting the standard for what it means to recover your health.


Premier Vitality is patient-centered and patient satisfaction is our most important goal. The staff at Premier Vitality ensures the highest level of patient education, comfort, service, care and health outcomes.


The Premier staff is attentive, accommodating, disciplined in the delivery of care and utilizes the best tools and techniques to empower you to live better through excellent health.

"Health Through Healing"

"The Future Of Medicine"

- K. Evans M.D.

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Success Rate Reversing The Symptoms Of Erectile Dysfunction

Treating the root cause of ED enables significant recovery



Of Orthopedic  Surgeries Avoided Through Non-Invasive Therapy


Focused Acoustic Wave Therapy is a viable alternative to surgery for many conditions

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Of Patients' Lives Changed Through Better Health

We are helping people every day to live better through innovative health solutions 

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Focused Acoustic Wave Therapy
A Revolution In Male Sexual Health

No Needles

No Pills

No Surgery 

No Downtime 

Focused Acoustic Wave Therapy is changing the way male sexual health dysfunction is being treated.

This revolutionary, state-of-the-art therapy is non-invasive, has no risk of side effects, and is pain free.

Focused Acoustic Wave Therapy effectively treats a host of urological issues, enabling you to regain a state of natural sexual function to freely express your passion with spontaneity, stamina, and reliability.

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"Premier Vitality's unique healthcare model of treating tissue metabolism, and with the most advanced technologies, is groundbreaking"

- Edward Cummings D.O. 

End Pain And Get Back To Living Fully 

With Focused Acoustic Wave Therapy 

Stimulates stem cells and growth factors for healing tissues 

Initiates the natural healing responses of the body

Breaks up restrictive scar tissue and increases mobility

Equivalent to surgery in therapeutic effect but with none of the risks

Initiates the natural healing responses of the body

Creates long lasting to permanent changes in tissues

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After ten years of dealing with erectile dysfunction, I had given up on being sexuallyactive. I am halfway finished with the treatment process and starting to feel like my old self again. I am very grateful.

- Jim

Lost most of my sexual function after a heart attack. Pills weren't very helpful and doctors told me that I would just have to wait and see if it would come back. Wave Therapy at Premier Vitality changed the whole situation. My performance is now better than before my heart attack.

- Ming Zhu